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  北京安心出国教育杨鑫先生此次做出的展望的每道题都是必考范围,只不过在下一次展望中可能还有很少量的变题增长。因为Part 1和Part 2考官会按照1月考试话题册来选题不锈钢阀门百度网站排名,因此也就有了如下的必考雅思口语展望话题。

  而Part 3 is the further discussion of Part 2 topic(Part 3是关于Part 2话题的进一步讨论),在Part 3中,考官详细在考场上会问某考生哪一个详细题目也是存在考官临场发挥性等特点,比如统一位考官在问到不同考生时Part 3题目也会存在随机转变百度网站排名,具有"追问性"和"抬杠性",是没有固定精准题目的。

  因此本精准展望只针对必考Part 1和Part 2来进行。而针对Part 3的备考,一方面是建议各位长期备考的烤鸭平时多开口进步口语表达实力,另一方面是建议各位短期备考的烤鸭还必要在上课的过程中掌握先生们所教的Part 3技巧与方法,提拔表达思路的雄厚度与语言的完备度。


  Part 1


  What's your full name?

  Is there any special meaning of your name?

  Do you like your name? Why/why not?

  2.Study or work学习或工作

  通用题目Are you studying or working?

  More questions for Students:

  How many hours do you study every week?

  What can help people to study?

  Do you think students should have challenge in the university?

  What subjects are you studying?

  Why did you choose to study your major? / Do you like your major?

  More questions for Working people:

  What work do you do? (假如Are you studying or working?处的回答未曾提及详细工作)

  Why did you choose to do that job?

  Do you think being a student is better? / Do you miss being a student?

  Do you like your job?/ Do you like working in the current working environment?


  Where's your hometown? (Is that a big city or a small place? + describe your hometown a little.)

  How long have you lived there?

  Do you like living there?

  Where do you live?

  Are there any differences between your hometown and living city?

  4.Accommodation/house or flat/living居住/房子或公寓

  Do you prefer to live in a house or flat?

  Do you live in a house or a flat?

  How long have you lived there?

  Which room (of your home) do you like best?/Can you say something about the room?

  Which room do you spend most of the time with your family in?

  5.Crowded place 拥挤之地

  When was the last time you were in a crowded place?

  What places do you think are often crowded?

  How do you feel when you are in crowded places?

  6.Sleep 睡眠

  How many hours do you sleep every day?/ How many hours' sleep do you need?

  Do you take a nap at noon?

  Do you like reading before sleeping?

  How has your sleeping habit changed since you were a kid?

  What are the benefits / importance of good sleep?

  7.Sky 天空

  How often do you watch the sky?/ How long do you watch it at a time?

  Do you prefer the sky in the morning or in the evening?

  Can you see the moon and stars in your living place?

  Is there any good place for you to watch the sky in your living place?

  Do you like to watch stars?

  Do people in your country learn about stars and planets from school?

  8.Stars 明星

  Who is your favorite movie star?

  Are international super stars popular in your country?

  Have you ever seen any star in your real life?

  Do you want to become a star?

  9.Sharing 分享

  Do you have anything to share with others recently?

  What kinds of things are not suitable for sharing?

  What kinds of things do you like to share with others?

  Did you parents teach you to share when you were a child?

  10.Patience 耐心

  Are you patient?

  Were you patient in your childhood?

  How do you feel when other people are not patient?

  11.Tea and coffee 茶与咖啡

  Do people in your country prefer to drink tea or coffee?

  Do you prefer to serve tea or coffee to your guests at home?

  When did you drink tea or coffee last time?

  12.Living area/the area you live in 居住区域

  Do you like living in your living area?

  Has there been any change in your living place recently?

  Do you know any celebrity in your living area?

  Where do you like to go within your living area?

  13.Handwriting 手写

  Do you like typing or handwriting?

  Do you think typing can replace handwriting?/ How do you see the importance of handwriting?

  What are the differences between typing and handwriting?

  When do children begin to learn how to write in your country? How did you learn to write?

  Do you think people's handwriting can show their personality?

  How can children today improve their handwriting?

  14.Watch 手表

  Do you often wear a watch?

  What was your first watch like?

  Do you want some luxury or expensive watches?

  What kinds of watches do you like?

  Do people still wear watches in your country?

  Have you ever received a watch as a gift?/ In your childhood?

  15.Public holiday/holiday 公共假期

  Do you have many public holidays? Is that enough?/Do you think you/people need more holidays?/Do people in your country need more holidays? (答案人称天真转换即可)

  Which public holiday do you like most? Why?

  How many public holidays are there in your country?

  Which one is the most important one?

  How do you often spend your holidays?

  16.Gift 礼物

  Do you like giving gifts? On what occasions?

  How often do you buy gifts for others?

  Do you like giving expensive gifts?

  What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?

  Why do people give gifts?

  17.Drinking water 喝水

  Do you like drinking water?

  How often do you drink water?

  Is bottled water expensive in your city?

  Is bottled water different from tap water?

  Do you have any experience of being thirsty?

  18.Sunglasses 太阳镜

  Do you like wearing sunglasses?

  Have you ever bought any sunglasses?

  Have you ever bought any sunglasses for others as gifts?

  Have you ever lost any sunglasses?

  19.Shoes 鞋

  How often do you buy shoes?

  What kind of shoes do you like?

  Do you prefer comfortable shoes or fashionable shoes?

  Do you often buy shoes on line?

  Why do some people buy many pairs of shoes?

  20.Drawing/painting 画画

  What kind of paintings do you like? And why?

  Do you like painting?

  Have you ever learned anything about painting?

  Is there any painting and drawing class in Chinese primary schools?

  Do you think painting is an important skill?

  Do you have any experience of being drawn a portrait by someone? You like it?

  21.Taking photos 摄影

  Do you like taking photos?

  On what occasions do you often take photos?

  How do you often keep your photos?

  22.Color 颜色

  What colors do you like?

  Do you like dark colors?

  What colors do you often wear in?

  Do colors of cars matter for you?

  23.Movies 电影

  Do you like watching movies? What kind of movies?

  How often do you go to cinema? With whom?

  Have movies that you like changed a lot?

  24.Park or garden 公园或花园

  Are there many parks/gardens in the city you are living in? enough?

  Do you like parks?

  What kind of people like parks?

  25.City 城市

  Do you like the city you are living in now?

  Which city have you been to recently?

  Do you prefer the city or the countryside?

  What kind of cities do you like?

  After your graduation, which city do you want to settle down in?

  26.morning routine & daily routine 早上&日常例行公事

  When do you often get up every day?

  What do you often do in the morning?

  Is breakfast important?(cooking重叠性提过)

  What time do you like most in a day?

  Did you have the same daily routine when you were a kid?

  27.foreign food 外国食物

  Do you like foreign food?

  What did you eat when you had foreign food for the first time?

  What kind of foreign food is popular in your country?

  What foreign food did you eat recently?

  Do you like trying new food?

  28.plant 植物

  Are there any plants in your home?

  Who is responsible for keeping these plants?

  Have you ever learned anything about plants?

  In your culture, can people send plants as gifts? 地图

  Do you often use a map?

  How often do you use a map?

  When did you learn how to use a map?/ How did you learn how to use a map?/Who taught you how to use a map?

  Do you prefer to use an electronic map or a paper map?

  30.Being bored &killing time 打发无聊

  When do you feel bored?

  What do you do when you are bored?

  What did you do when you were bored in the childhood?

  How do people in your country get relaxed?

  Do people in your country like holding parties?

  Do you hold birthday parties?

  Is it good to hold parties for children?

  31.Music/singing 音乐/唱歌

  What kinds of music do you like?

  Did you like the same kind of music with the music you liked in the childhood?

  Do you like live music?

  Do you like singing?

  Did you like singing in your childhood?

  32.Public transports/transportation 公共交通

  How do you often go to work or school?

  How did you come here today?

  Do you often take public transports?

  What do you often do on public transports?

  33.Weather & rainy days 气候/雨天

  Do you like dry weather or wet weather?

  Do you like rainy days?

  Do you often take raincoats/umbrellas with you?

  What will you do if you do not take raincoats or umbrellas with you?

  How do rainy days/does such weather affect people's life?

  34.Teacher (含School life) 先生(含黉舍生活)

  Do you still remember the first day when you went to school?

  Do you like your high school?

  Who is the teacher you like most in your high school?

  Do you want to be a teacher?

  35.Sports 活动

  Do you like doing sports?

  Is there any other sport that you want to try in the future?

  What sports do people in your country like?

  Who is the most popular sportsman in your country?

  What sports do you often do? Indoor or outdoor?

  Do you like watching the Olympic Games?

  36.Cooking 烹饪

  Do you like cooking?

  Is breakfast very important?

  Do you prefer eating out or cooking at home? /Do you prefer to eat out or to cook at home?

  Tell me something about a special meal you had last time at home.

  37.letter and email & postcard书信、邮件&明信片

  Do you often write letters?

  Have you written any postcards?

  Did you write letters when you were little? To whom?

  Do you receive more letters or emails on your birthday?

  Part 2

  1.Describe a newly built public facility (e.g. parks and cinemas, etc.) that influences your city

  2.Describe a person who you wanted to be similar to during your growth

  3.Describe a book you want to write

  4.Describe your grandparent's job

  5.Describe a time when someone did not tell you the whole truth about something

  6.Describe someone you would like to study or work with

  7.Describe a time when you taught something new to a younger person

  8.Describe an ideal house

  9.Describe a time when you enjoyed your free time

  10.Describe an old person who is interesting

  11.Describe a time when you received a very bad/horrible service

  12.Describe a kind of food that people eat during a special event

  13.Describe a historical period you would like to know more about

  14.Describe an item you bought but do not often use

  15.Describe a person (you have seen) who is beautiful or handsome

  16.Describe a success your friend has achieved

  17.Describe something lost by others but found by you

  18.Describe a present you received which was made by hand

  19.Describe a subject that you used to dislike but have interest in now

  20.Describe a piece of good news you heard on TV or the Internet

  21.Describe an intelligent person you know

  22.Describe something that you didn't have time to do

  23.Describe an outdoor sport you played for the first time

  24.Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

  25.Describe something you do to help you study or work

  26.Describe a skill that took you a long time to learn

  27.Describe an activity you like doing when you are alone

  28.Describe something that some people gave you and you really needed

  29.Describe a beautiful city

  30.Describe a faraway place that you plan to travel to

  31.Describe an interesting lecture or class you took

  32.Describe a place where you study/ an indoor out outdoor place where it is easy for you to study.

  33.Describe a time when one of your home appliances / a piece of equipment did not work (was broken) (e.g. TV set and fridge, etc.)

  34.Describe a family business you know

  35.Describe an important decision that you made with the help from others

  36.Describe a childhood game (you liked)

  37.Describe a TV program or a film that made you laugh

  38.Describe an important plant in your country/an experience when you (planted something and) watched its growing process

  39.Describe a time when someone gave you money as a gift

  40.Describe a time when you looked for some information on line/from the Internet

  41.Describe a person (you know) who helps to protect the environment

  42.Describe an interesting person who you have not met before but you want to see/know

  43.Describe a teenager you know

  44.Describe a time when you complained about something but were satisfied with the result.

  45.Describe an interesting part of your country

  46.Describe something you borrowed from your friends or family/a time when you borrowed something from your friends or family

  47.Describe a time when you changed your plan

  48.Describe the last book you read/ a book you read recently

  49.Describe a party you went to/a party you took part in

  50.Describe a foreign language that you want to learn (not English)

  51.Describe a good law in your country

  52.A time when you had some medicine

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