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2020当局工作报告英文版学习笔记 16

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  Aerial photo taken on Oct. 20, 2020 shows the Nanchuan-Liangjiang expressway in southwest China's Chongqing. An expressway linking Nanchuan District and Liangjiang New Area in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality was put into operation on Tuesday. The 77-kilometer-long expressway started its construction in 2016. (Xinhua/Huang Wei)


  We will continue to encourage business startups and innovation nationwide.

  We will support the growth of venture capital and equity investment and increase guaranteed loans for startups.To further unleash the creativity of various sectors, we will launch a new round of pilot reforms for making innovations across the board, build more innovation and entrepreneurship demo centers, continue accommodative and prudential regulation, and develop the platform economy and the sharing economy.

  深入推进  continue to encourage

  平台经济 the platform economy

  共享经济 the sharing economy

  以下摘自陶贵芳  《浅谈当局工作报告高频词推进的翻译》


  1. 直译:动词+名词,“推进……” 可译为advance、promote、encourage、move、improve、push ahead with、enhance、work for等


  “推进医养结合”可译为 provide integrated elderly care and medical services

  3. 省译。“强化行动推进西部大开发形成新格局”译为“strengthen measures to reach a newstage in   ,省略推进河南人事考试中心,reach简洁明了



  V. Implementing the strategy of expanding domestic demand and promoting accelerated transformation of the economic growth model


  The potential of China’s domestic demand is enormous. We will deepen supply-side structural reform, focus our efforts on improving the people’s wellbeing, and boost consumption and expand investment in a mutually reinforcing way.

  深化 deepen

  凸起 focus

  提振 boost

  扩大 boost

  促进 reinforce


  We will promote the recovery of consumption.

  We will stabilize employment, promote income growth and ensure people’s basic needs are met to encourage and enable consumer spending. We will support the recovery and development of food and beverage, brick and mortar shopping, culture, tourism, domestic services, and other consumer services, and promote the integration of online and offline consumption. We will encourage automobile consumption and take strong measures to address the shortage of parking spaces.


  Elderly and child care services and comprehensive health care services will be developed. Pedestrian streets will be upgraded. We will support the rollout of e-commerce and express delivery services in rural areas to expand rural consumption. We will apply a combination of measures to boost consumption and meet diverse demand among consumers.

  改造提拔 upgrade

  拓展 expand

  多措并举 apply a combination of measures

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